Monday, February 20, 2012


This year CNY is quiet. Mostly because all my friends are outstation. If they are not outstation, they would be busy with their relatives. At least this is how it would be for the first two days:) My family don't practice the visiting too early. That means homey time !!

After the first few days, it was all about playing cards and gambling. Hahah.. So much of joy when playing it with friends who matters. The 'kan cheong' ness when your cards are at the losing end sorta give you that adrenaline rush.

Anyhow, i lose and win some.That is how it always is every CNY. Hey i dun bet big so i guess, i don't feel the pinch so much. Heheh

After the long stretch of holiday, time to get back to work * drag asses to office* :/

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