Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Greener grasses

As the title says...The grass isn't always greener on the other side but is where you water it.. I couldn't agree more to that quote. Now how would i interpret that phrase?

1. Life is always better/attractive/easier the other side but it does not last. Sustaining the comfort is what matters. It might be greener on the other side but if you don't water it, it would dried up and eventually dies.

2. Is about nurturing. You need to keep watering the grass at a reasonable amount of water. Too much, it dies. Too little, it dies. The key here is the amount. Putting a lot of effort does not guarantee you a success but putting the right amount gets you there.

3.if you have chosen this path, don't look back and feel bitter about it. Move forward and make it the greener side. You might never know, this would have been the direction you can blossom.
The other side of the grass might be greener at first but who knows, the competition there is too intense and competing for the basic survival needs might eventually kill them.

4.do not be blinded by the easier way out. The greener side might seem more lucrative but always remember nothing in life comes easy. Easier way out is a faster route to get to whatever you want but it will not come with the experiences you are suppose to endure to get there. Take the longer path, the route less taken by and you would surprise the experiences that come with it. When you are finally there, pat yourself on the shoulder and realise the difference in yourself.